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Single Review : American Jetset – Hell’s Out To Get Ya/Firestarter

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Review by Rob Broom for MPM

Monstrous, murderous riffs and catchy hooks from the U.S.A four piece.

Earlier in 2023 I received an E.P called ‘Love Kills’ to review by a band called American Jetset. I hadn’t heard of them, but what the editor asks for, the editor gets, so I put it on and gave it a listen.

Suffice to say, I was blown away. Rereading the review now as we head towards Halloween 2023, I can see that I really understated the bands potential, three cuts of trashy, sleazy Misfits meets New York Dolls meets Motley Crue meets Ratt brilliance and one song  – ‘Long Road To Nowhere’ – that was such a jaw dropping piece of melancholy despair that not only is it still my ‘song of the year’ as I write this, but possibly my song of the past 10 years.

I have played it to others, and even if its not normally their kind of music, they still get ‘Long Road To Nowhere’. Those other three songs on Love Kills are epic as well, so with news that there was new American Jetset music on the way, whatever they came up with, how could they top ‘Love Kills’?

Easy it seems! If the ‘Love Kills’ EP was a head pounding punch in the mouth, ‘Hell’s Out To Get Ya’ and ‘Firestarter’ are more of a head smashed into bloody pieces and keep going until the remains stop twitching kind of affair! Brutal and savage rock and rock – what’s not to like!

‘Hell’s Out To Get Ya’ has a slow sleazy drawl that reminds me of the New York Dolls. Musically, its pure American Jetset, the guitar riff grinding your face off, while the drums and bass punch away at your body without mercy. You can’t help but just grin manically and get in the groove.

Musically, ‘Firestarter’ kicks off like Motley Crue circa ‘Shout At The Devil’ era meeting the Misfits, but with more punch and grit making it heavier, musically and lyrically. Its vicious and straight to the point. This is pure chest thumping and fists punching the air furious heavy rock and rock. Live – with its ‘burn, burn’ chorus part and ‘whoa, whoas’ at the end – it should be absolute red hot dynamite.

American Jetset are really laying down some markers in the sand with this years recorded output. They are not playing at this or pretending, this is quality, well written, performed and produced heavy rock and roll that stands totally on its own merits with its own identity and sound.

If ‘Love Kills’ was a fanfare, then ‘Hells Out To Get Ya’ and ‘Firestarter’ are a triumphant call to arms. American Jetset are coming to get ya, are you going to hitch on the ride, or be the prey?

Pre-order the physical CD w/bonus tracks @ https://bigcurvemusic.net/…/american-jetset-slay-bell…

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