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Album Review : Seraina Telli Addicted To Color

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Review by Rob Broom for MPM

Bright and fierce, Seraina Telli’s new album rips up a storm and continues the straight forward, hard rocking ‘Simple Talk’ of her previous album with some additional light and shade.

Seraina Tellis first solo album ‘Simple Talk’ in 2022 was terrific and ultimately my ‘album of the year’. Historically, second albums can at times be notoriously difficult and not live up to the expectations laid down by the debut. Thankfully, that is most definitely not a problem here, as Seraina Telli continues with the form created in that powerful debut.

If you liked her debut album you might want to skip the review and just go buy the album!

However, for the benefit of those not familiar with Seraina Telli, needing a bit more information, or simply wanting to read my humble thoughts, I previously compared her vocals to ‘Halestorm meeting Heart with a dose of Janis Joplin and Patti Smith thrown for good measure. Seraina has a great voice and knows how to use it!’

Whilst that comparison hasn’t changed, listening to this album there are a few more influences shining through, but being familiar with that first album I can safely say the comparisons are not particularly relevant because Serainas voice is really stamping its own mark with its own distinct sound (the ‘Seraina Telli bite and kick’ as I wrote in the first review).

This album feels like we are really getting to know her personality as she reveals another layer of depth, with another batch of songs about finding yourself, having the courage to step up and generally be an all inclusive human.

Album opener ‘Song For The Girls’ is the perfect anthem for the live environment – Hard rocking and with a great chorus. Make no mistake, as the title suggests, the song wears its heart on its sleeve.

‘Monkey & Zookeeper’ won’t get played on the radio, but has the drive, power and beat to spark a fire under the even the most ardent critic and at least get their toes tapping! More great lyrics and a chorus to get the audience singing along to the bits you can’t hear on the radio!

Third track ‘Left Behind’ gives us a moments respite from the blistering opening two songs with a gentle introduction, but it is only a moment and then the song take off at a frantic pace, making great use of those moments of silence that the Foo Fighters often use in songs.

‘Addicted To Color’ has a T.V show interview opening and then basically grabs you by the scruff of the neck and pounds your head regardless or whether you want to let it or not!

Fifth song ‘The Harder Way’ is a completely different pace and direction. It is a lovely, well balanced tune, more gentle on the ears and with some wonderful lyrics. Pay attention when listening, because I’m not going to spoil them by quoting any.

At this point it is worth mentioning that one of my daughters (who has listened to Serainas first album with me and was listening to my first listen of this album) said ‘I really want to see her live’. So the songs and music are resonating with the younger teenage audience – a brilliant thing – get listening kids, because we need more voices like Serainas!

I really don’t want to spoil the journey of discovery on this album, but sufficient to say that 

‘Wish You Well’, ‘Hit Shit’ and ‘Spaceman’ all deliver great rocking. The lyrics of ‘Hit Shit’ are interesting, probably aimed at record company executives, but I will say this before we round up the review of the last few songs, Seraina Telli has truly got the potential to deliver some massive anthems and hits.

‘If No One Else Had Ever Been There Before’ takes a slightly different musical twist and proves the point that Seraina Telli is not one dimensional.

‘The Colors Of My Soul’ is another statement of personal intent and a message to everybody else. Take notice, it is another rocking song that should drop nicely into the live environment.

Track eleven – ‘Be Somebody’ – takes another musical shift. One of my early notes on the song was that vocally it reminded me of Annie Lennox or Tina Turner. Repeated listening leaves me unsure if that is a fair comparison (let me know what you think!), but what I can say is the song absolutely smokes and as Seraina says at the end ‘that was awesome’  – yes it was awesome, it was absolutely (insert expletive of your choice here) fantastic!

Last but one song ‘Think!’ starts with another piece of meaningful conversation and the lyrics lay the message right out there backed by a strong musical attack. Seraina is very strong in putting forward her beliefs and that we really should think for ourselves. Let us hope that people take notice.

Album closer ‘All Your Tears’ is an acoustic piece showing yet another weapon in the Seraina Telli arsenal. It is quite beautiful and gives the opportunity for reflection and a pause for breath before the album finishes and you hit ‘repeat, play again’!

So there we have it, another fantastic album to throw into the mix of fantastic albums in 2023.

Colour does seem to have a theme this year, the Damned gave us ‘Darkadelic’ and Uriah Heep gave us ‘Chaos & Colour’ and now we are Addicted Color’. DuWolff gave us ‘Love, Death & In Between’, American Jetset gave us ‘Love Kills’ and King Kraken set a stunning debut with ‘MCLXXX’.

All these albums, along with Seraina Telli’s ‘Addicted To Color’ are worthy of being in your collection and yet remarkably (and incredibly pleasingly) are all very different in sound and texture!

Rock is not Dead, it is alive and burning bright, full of colour, light, shade and depth. 

Support all these artists – buy the albums now – but start with this one first, because this is Seraina Tellis moment in the sun and be warned you may become ‘Addicted to Color’, but we shouldn’t be afraid of that!

Tracklisting for Seraina Telli’s Addicted to Color
1. Song For The Girls
2. Monkey & Zookeeper
3. Left Behind
4. Addicted To Color
5. The Harder Way
6. Wish You Well
7. Hit Shit
8. Spaceman
9. If No One Else Had Ever Been There Before
10. Colors Of My Soul
11. Be Somebody
12. Think
13. All Your Tears


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