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Film Review: Ghost – Rite Here, Rite Now

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Review by Rick Eaglestone for MPM

This weekend sees the limited cinematic release of the film Rite Here Rite Now which is a cleverly woven show with interjections for fans old and new.

Ghost are known for their high level of theatrics and this certainly doesn’t disappoint as Rite Here Rite Now stitches together both of the bands two sold-out shows at LA’s Kia Forum last September which is the perfect setting for such a spectacle.

A lot of care and detail has gone into the setting the (rite) tone and aesthetic as director Alex Ross Perry with Tobias as executive producer have been meticulous in showing the brief interludes backstage and also managing to make them light-hearted in places and continuing on the Chapters stories that have been running since 2018.

The show is shot in such a way that you really feel included in the audience and has hit after hit such as Square Hammer and Dance Macabre and rendition of a particular favourite of mine the bands cover If You Have Ghosts which has a brand-new arrangement from the EP Version, favouring a more haunting orchestral approach.

As well as sharp theatrics and lighting the use of animation was also used to provide another dynamic with the scooby do style cartoon used for Mary On A Cross

Ultimately behind the light humour, dad jokes and the inclusion of life affirming metaphors, Rite Here Right Now has the palpable sense of building to big finale which was amalgamated expertly into tightly structured presentation which left you guessing until the very end.

Now cinema audiences are now very well versed in post cinematic credits and the showmanship of Ghost was not about disappoint their audience first up was the inclusion of an unnamed track which now in the clear summer solstice morning has been formally released as The Future Is A Foreign Land

So really the big question is after everything is there a payoff? Well, I can certainly state there are a plethora of them, firstly there is a family promotion of sorts as well post death disclosure (Not telling you who) which if it had only been those would’ve been major on it is own as it blows wide open the possible future ascension of Papa Emeritus IV which is the final dying seconds a silhouette appears…

Overall, the tender heart to heart moments encased in a majestic presentation and outstanding show which even though I had it as loud as I could and had the potential of plenty of distractions whilst being at home I was absolutely drawn in and taken aback by every element. It was the last thing I thought of before going to sleep and the first thing I put on this morning and even after multiple watches there are still lots of easter eggs to make Rite Here Rite Now an unforgettable experience.

I was told many years ago when a friend recommended, I go and see this band with them which I did many years ago now for £5 at Brixton Academy that they had a certain kind of magic well after all this I am still firmly under their spell.

I would like to thank Trafalgar and Premier for the opportunity for sending this my way.

Rite Here, Rite Now Track listing.

As the soundtrack will not be released until late July the track listing is still TBD


Papa Emeritus IV – Lead Vocals

A Group of Nameless Ghouls – guitars, bass, keytars, drums, percussion, keyboards, organ, synthesizers, backing and choir vocals

Papa Nihil – saxophone





GHOST’s debut feature film includes live performances from the RE-IMPERATOUR U.S.A 2023 with a captivating narrative story.

Book your tickets now at ritehereritenow.com

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