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Album Review : Abaddon Incarnate – The Wretched Sermon

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Review by Tammy Lomax for MPM

Remaining loyal to their roots of death grind metal, Abaddon Incarnate have resurfaced with a monstrous new album.

‘The Wretched Sermon’ has been released via Transcending Obscurity Records. Abaddon Incarnate signed to this label for a multi album deal in 2020. Kunal Chokski ( owner of Transcending Obscurity Records) has been a huge fan of the band since the release of the album ‘Nadir’ in 2001.

As a whole the production is totally balanced, the drums don’t drown out the sound, nor do the guitars.

The only way to appreciate the sheer force ‘Wretched Sermon’ has to offer, is to listen to this very, very loud. The levelling of the instruments has been created and carved to bring only utter carnage and destruction.

It has taken a couple of years to accomplish, with snippets of advancements added throughout.

I narrowed the album down to 5 of my personal favourites but you really are spoilt for choice. There is a serious amount of detailing and versatility to be digested in every single track.

Ah, what better way to open an album? Album opener ‘Rising Of The Lights’ is a perfect fit. It stomps in like a caged monster opening the door to freedom.

Both guitars are attacking and are sucking you inwards, hypnotising you with their riffs and shreds. Within a moment’s time, the pace increases and the vocals come out and eat at your face, they are genuinely crucifying.

They incorporate some melodic elements after bashing your skull for a bit and slow the pace significantly. Slowly riffing guitars make it feel death metal, I’m vibing and you receive a slaughtering attack of everything at the end, it’s a humongous attack! I’m still vibing

‘Gateways’ feels slightly more bouncy with the rhythm in some sections, especially after listening to the onslaught of ‘Veritas’.

The drums are bouncing one minute and slipping into a consistent hammering speed the next. Olan has some serious game behind the kit and his footwork is swift, phew mate!

‘Parasite’, you chugging beast. That wonderful, wonderful riff, absorbing all of my attention. The down-tone bass feels more prominent which of course fills me up with umph. The vocals are pure filth and well paced with the beats and grooves but they are still pure evil. It’s a contrast of many feelings, all very positive.

‘Killing Spree’ is divine. The pace is grindcore all the way and the drums are assaulting with acceleration, absolutely outstanding. The guitars are working so tightly together, colossal amounts of chunky fast riffs whilst the intense vocals are biting at everything, this is ridiculously impressive.

Into The Maelstrom’ has all the flavours of black metal. The vocals are deep and gnarly, there’s dark intense atmospheric vibes pouring through from the guitars and the double bass drums are so fast, they are literally thunder thumping.

‘Isolation And Decay’ wow what an absolutely blinding track. It’s weighty and holds many twists and turns, it’s unexpected. I particularly liked it when they were building towards a really warped style of music, the guitars and bass were entwining. It feels very inviting, it’s a brilliant track and certainly highlights their versatility.

We are hurling into month 9 of the year already, what a fantastic year for releases. ‘Wretched Sermon’ is an easy match for one of the best releases this year. It deserves a nod of respect and huge credit for what has been achieved. Abaddon Incarnate have evolved their sound since their previous album ‘Nadir’ by adding some elements, but the Irish quartet will always hold true to their death grind sound.

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