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Album Review: Leaves’ Eyes – Myths Of Fate

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Review by Rick Eaglestone for MPM

Celebrating two decades, Germanys Leaves’ Eyes return with their ninth studio album Myths Of Fate

Opening track Forged By Fire serves as wonderful re introduction with sweeping film score tones blended with faced paced riffs and dual vocals from duo Elina and Alexander which blends into classic symphonic metal with subtle folk elements.

Lead single Who Wants To Live Forever influenced by Iðunn, Norse Goddess of Youth is grandiose is both in its rock opera and song writing structure.

Hammer Of The Gods manages to incorporate some darker and heavier tones but still maintaining a smooth and silky heartbeat at its core and when coupled with the albums most personal track In Eternity penned by Elina herself, Inspired by Alexander’s late mother. The fragility is complimented dominant basslines and strong ballad waves and sing along elements makes for an even more enjoyable section of the album.

Highlight track Fear The Serpent once again presents some wonderful storytelling via its many uses of instrumentalists and use of more than one language and once again demonstrates the bands ever evolving versatility.

Goddess Of The Nite evokes pagan imagery through its use of tempo and deliberately captivating elements blending into a subtle future live classic, the use of violins throughout are truly divine.

Once again, the foreboding film score sweeps in with the majestic delivery of Slavic mythology with tales of the three-headed god for Sons Of Triglav where Elder Spirit is rife with solos.

Penultimate offering Einherjar conjures vision of longboats and Nordic rebellion where final track Sail With The Dead gives Leave’s Eyes the perfect opportunity to once again showcase just why they have been such a formidable and respected entity for so long.

Myths Of Fate” Track listing.

01 – Forged by Fire
02 – Realm of Dark Waves
03 – Who Wants to Live Forever
04 – Hammer of the Gods
05 – In Eternity
06 – Fear the Serpent
07 – Goddess of the Night
08 – Sons of Triglav
09 – Elder Spirit
10 – Einherjar
11 – Sail with the Dead

Elina Siirala (Vocals)
Alexander Krull (Vocals)
Micki Richter (Guitar, Bass)
Luc Gebhardt (Guitar)
Joris Nijenhuis (Drums)






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